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From time to time, I am asked how someone can become an SBU member. Not something I'd really thought about...I'm a member of a club that is affiliated to the SBU and, hence, am automatically an SBU member.

On further enquiry, the official answer to this question is as follows:

Bridge Clubs that are affiliated to the SBU that are within the geographical boundaries of the SBU North District are automatically part of the North District and their members are automatically SBU members (however, if you belong to more than one affiliated club, you need to nominate which club is your "home club" for the purposes of SBU membership).

Clubs in our area that are not affiliated to the SBU are still regarded as being “in the North District” but the district secretary is unlikely to know about them and therefore would not necessarily include them in correspondence etc. Players in non-affiliated clubs would not normally be SBU members unless they join an affiliated club or join the SBU on an individual basis.

Non-affiliated clubs are encouraged to apply to the SBU to become affiliated and, if accepted, all players in that club would then become SBU members and part of one of the seven geographic- defined SBU Districts. (It is difficult to think of any circumstances in which they would not be accepted!).

SBU Member Services (Bill Whyte) should then be contacted and the club is added to the list of affiliated clubs.

If a player from a non-affiliated club wishes to become an individual SBU member they also contact Bill - his details are:

Bill Whyte,
SBU Dept #16
196 Rose Street

Tel: 0131 225 1405 / 0781 758 7133 but best to email him by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..