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From time to time, I receive information/articles/opinion and other good stuff that doesn't easily fit anywhere else on the website. So we've created this blog to collate and publish this material.

The natural corollary to that is, of course, that we are very receptive of all submissions, so come on, send us something!

We hope you find the content informative, helpful and, at times, amusing...



1st September, 2015


Welcome back to our new season playing our wonderful game.   At the moment I have my favourite bridge books out and I am rereading them and taking notes and thinking about the systems I play with my partners.  KISS is a good acronym isn’t it?

Law 74 has to be the most broken law in bridge and the one which is least challenged.

For me the meaning of the game begins with this law. It is about etiquette. Etiquette means "ticket". It was an inclusive invitation in French society to be invited through gracious behaviour to join polite society.

I'd like to begin a thread about what really annoys you all about playing bridge...

Jack and Victor are a great pair. I love the episodes when they sing in perfect harmony. Isn't it a pity that they don't play bridge? Bridge is truly about harmony with one's partner. Without an empathy between partners then the game collapses.

Our charperson, Loraine, starts off our new blog with a timely reminder about Scottish Cup entries...

Dear Members of North District,

There are almost 550 of us.

I am very proud that this season we are doing really well at both senior and junior level.

We have very talented bridge players in North District who may feel too modest to compete at national level and I would urge you to think about making up a team to compete in the Scottish Cup competition. The deadline is the 31st of March for this with an entry form on the main SBU website. It costs £30 per team to enter (entry form here).

Some of you will remember with fondness how you travelled far and wide to compete and I have this lovely (perhaps apocryphal story) from Gibby Reid, about the late, great and very sadly missed Lessel Reid.